Lacie's Scoliosis Story

by Laura-Lea (Lacie’s Mum)

Lacie's Scoliosis Story - Lifestyle Vapes

I first noticed her hips were a little uneven back in February so took her to the doctors, there were no doctors available that day so we were seen by a nurse. She said she could see what i meant but she just said it’s just part of her how she was born. 

Fast forward to July, when Lacie was in a bikini that’s when i noticed her hip sticking out a fair bit, I looked it up on Google which is when we discovered scoliosis. We took her to the doctors which is when he referred her. 

Her first appointment to see the consultant was on October 30th, they offered for her to receive fusion on the NHS. Since joining many scoliosis support groups, and many children choosing VBT instead of fusion, I looked into why. 

Fusion would be putting metal rods all the way down her spine as her curves start so low down, almost all her flexibility will be gone, she wouldn’t even be able to bend over ever again. 

VBT is using tethering meaning she will have most /all her flexibility after. Dance is Lacie’s passion and she’s been dancing for 9 years. She’s always wanted to pursue a career in dance, which would sadly be taken away from her if we cannot raise the funds for this surgery abroad.

The issue is, that’s no longer available on the NHS due to funding and the only surgeon in the whole of the UK to perform it will cost approx £72k. Germany, Spain,and Italy also offer this which is a little less at approx £47k without any aftercare, accomodation etc.

If you are able please donate to help Lacie get the surgery she needs:

No matter the amount every little goes a long way in helping this amazing family get to the total they need to get Lacie the surgery she needs to be able to continue dancing through life as every teenage girl deserves to.

As a way of helping in a small way here at Lifestyle Vapes we will be donating 10% of all revenue to Lacie's Fund until it reaches the target required for Lacie to have the surgery.

Hey Little Fighter, Soon things will be brighter.

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